Kill Google Base

by Krishna on December 29, 2006

Google Base is one of the most puzzling products I have ever seen. I cannot comprehend why users would use it with all the other applications out there. Let’s take some examples.

  • If Google Base is meant for people to quickly post some information to the web, make it available publicly (or by selected users) through the web or RSS and allow it to be searched on, why not use Blogger or some other software?
  • If it is meant for uploading documents (Word or Excel), Google Docs and Spreadsheets does a better job of that with collaboration and sharing.
  • If it is meant for creating multiple pieces of information, people could use Google Page Creator to create web pages.
  • Many of these products from Google and other competitors have tagging for easy searching.

Google Base’s answer to the question “Why should I use Google Base?” is answered by the following 3 points: Free content hosting, distribution and ease of use. These 3 attributes is true for pretty much any content-based Internet application today such as blogs, standard web sites, personal spaces and communities.

My suggestion: Provide a migration path for Google Base users to other applications and kill it off. It is an embarrassment, really!

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